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As your lawn care agent, I will develop a personalized maintenance, application, and treatment program specific to your lawn.




Ideal Cut specializes in lawn maintenance. With multi-tier pricing and multiple lawn care packages, you can customize a plan to fit your budget. Light-weight equipment is used to reduce divots and compaction on your lawn. Great attention to detail guarantees great results.

RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY: Every 4-7 days during active growth



All applications use a granular, slow-release fertilizer that continuously feeds your lawn without getting a flush of growth. All post-emergent weed control applications are in liquid form for total coverage of the weed.  Partial and  Complete Organic programs are available.

RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY: Every 4-6 weeks during active growth



Aeration services to increase drainage and nutrient uptake while reducing thatch and compaction. Lawn aeration also helps improve root growth and gas exchange.

RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY: 1-2  times a year depending on soil structure



Over-seeding application with high-quality seed blends ensures a thick and healthy lawn that is resistant to weeds, disease, and insect damage. Seed blends are custom mixed for your lawn.

RECOMMENDED FREQUENCY: Every 2-3 years depending on application rate and grass species


Prompt and efficient removal of snow and ice on your drive- and walkways is essential to keep everyone safe. Proper snow removal with a snow-blower reduces damage to your lawn and driveway.  Prices based on driveway size and package choice.





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